Week 1 Homework

This lesson is titled, ‘Super Savers’ and discusses the importance of saving money and how to get the best return on your money.  This is the cornerstone of the FPU course.

The homework assigned for Week 1 is:

  1. Go home and decide exactly what you consider to be an emergency, so that you will know exactly when to use your emergency fund. Also, consider what is not an emergency but might have been considered one in the past. Write both of these lists down for your own reference.
  2. Fill out and be prepared to show your Basic Quickie Budget (from page 19) at the meeting for week 2. The easiest way to do this is with the tools at the FPU Member Resource Center. It will cut the time to finish this step about in half and let you focus on your budget and not crunching numbers.
  3. Read Chapters 1, 2, 3, 10 in Financial Peace Revisited (it came in the kit with your materials, no need to purchase again). This is a fast and easy read, and reinforces the concepts that we are going to be using for the entire course.

Lastly, we have some additional reading on this subject, if you are interested.


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