Opting Out of Debt Marketing

Debt is the most heavily marketed product in the US today, to the detriment of American consumers. It is difficult to avoid the huge number of sales pitches that are seen and heard on TV, Radio, Internet, and through sponsorship of the arts and sporting events.

However, there are some things that you can do to keep these ‘offers’ away from you …

Opting Out

Opting out is like adding your name to the ‘do not call‘ list for telemarketing, except for credit card offers. It won’t stop everything coming your way, but it will slow the flood.

The Opt-Out Prescreen website will allow you to remove your name(s) from the lists provided by the major credit agencies. These lists are used mostly for direct marketing from credit cards and insurance companies and are the source of a lot of the dead trees that arrive in your mailbox.
There are a couple of things to know …

  1. When processing your request online, the opt-out is for 5 years.
  2. You can opt-out permanently through paper mail.
  3. You will need to provide your Social Security Number.

BTW, I heard about this through 50 Fun Facts About Credit Cards.

Stopping Direct Marketing

Also, you can remove your name from lists used by the Direct Marketing Association here. These lists are also used to generate offers as well, although they are used less for financial services.

A couple things to understand here …

  1. There is a $1 fee to use this service (online or through US Mail) which I don’t agree with.
  2. Irresponsible or unethical marketers simply won’t use this mail.

Let me know if there is anything to add ….


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