09-2007 Class Schedule


The final schedule for the Financial Peace Class is:

09/12/2007 — Super Savers

09/19/2007– Cash Flow Planning

09/26/2007 — Relating With Money

10/03/2007 — Buying Only Big, Big Bargains

10/10/2007 — Dumping Debt

10/17/2007 — Understanding Investments

10/24/2007 — Understanding Insurance

10/31/2007 — Retirement and College Planning

11/07/2007 — Buyer Beware

11/14/2007 — Real Estate and Mortgages

There will be no class on 11/21/2007 due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

11/28/2007 — Careers and Extra Jobs

12/05/2007 — Collection Practices and Credit Bureaus

12/12/2007 — The Great Misunderstanding


FPU at Oak Hill UMC

Thanks so much for your interest in FPU @ Oak Hill UMC in Austin, Texas. If you got to this link via email, you probably registered for the class or requested information about us from the Dave Ramsey team.

What is Financial Peace University?

Financial Peace University (or FPU) is a 13-week course that will teach you about how to handle your money in a very practical and applied way. The course looks at personal finance in a very holistic way, examining things from the individual, spiritual, emotional, and relational points of view. The emphasis is on personal responsibility, understanding yourself and your motivations, taking care of your family, living well, and being a wise consumer.

FPU is designed for everyone who wants to do better with their money, regardless of their background or level of income. In a given course, we will have people making anywhere from $20,000/year to $250,000/year. Everyone who takes the course is able to learn, contribute to the overall discussion, be supported and respected. During the course we have a lot of laughs, hugs, and even a few tears. We all get to know each other very well and a lot of times after 13 weeks it is hard to say goodbye.

One last thing … absolutely everyone is welcome in FPU, but keep in mind that this is a course based on Christian principles that is taught in a church by Christians. We provide this course as a service to our members and the public because we believe that it improves the lives of everyone involved and don’t use this course to proselytize. At the same time, we don’t hide who we are or what we stand for.

Getting Started

We normally have FPU courses 3 times a year, in January, May, and September. You can take a look here to see exactly when and where the classes are happening. There is no course limit and everyone is welcome. We would prefer it if you would register on the FPU web site ahead of time, but it isn’t necessary. As long as you show up at the first class you will be fine.

If you would like to learn more about how FPU works and what it is about, there is a free 20-minute video that you can watch. We find that this answers most of the questions that people have about the course. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us directly.

Where is the class held?

Our classes are held at Oak Hill UMC. The church is located at 7815 Highway 290 West, which is southwest of the “Y” in Oak Hill (you can see a map here). The classes are held in the adult education, which is the easternmost building on the campus. It is next door to the sanctuary, and is visible as you enter from Highway 290

Fees and Materials

The class is free, but it does have required materials. The kitsare available through DaveRamsey.com or through Oak Hill UMC, either way will work. Oak Hill UMC sells the kits at cost for $95, from other sources they can be up to $229, plus shipping. The materials will be available for purchase on the first day of class.

Also, we feel very strongly that anyone who needs Financial Peace should be able to enroll in the course, regardless if financial status. Scholarships are available in cases of financial hardship and everyone will leave with materials, one way or the other.


Free child care is available through Oak Hill UMC. If you need childcare for while attending FPU, please contact the church directly so that they can have appropriate staffing on hand.